Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Experiment with Control

It’s a week now I have abandoned fb.. I had asked my friend to change the password .. well there is nothing a great deal about doing it… this is what I realized when I actually did so… Fb addiction was severe to me.. first thing after getting up.. first thing after coming home was fb.. Sometimes thr was really nothing , but to be signed in and scroll up and down.. so decided to take a break from this so called obsession.. I thought this would be a tough job but actually it did not..

Well this is not the first thing I did.. It was a month’s target to give up sandwich or “NO clothes shopping month” or “NO pizza month” or “No outside food month”.. I declare a month a week and give up my latest addictive habits..

Sometimes we make our life so dependent and mechanical and these small breaks make us more creative or rather active sometimes.. One month No shopping of clothes helped me buy some pending things for the house, or No sandwich month made me more active and I used to carry my breakfast tiffin with me instead of calling the restaurant and ordering sandwich.. After office food was changed to juices or early dinner instead of pizzas.. Slowly u keep a control on ur bad habits.. well totally changing the habits does not happen in one month but there is always u can try

I always notice the difference and say to myself “See it is not difficult, then why is the obsessions”

I know there is phase where we get addicted to certain things which changes with age, environment, people around us so on and so for, like being online on gtlk was a must thing with my friends nowadays it do not happen and we have healthily accepted it…

But these kind of small breaks diverts ur mind and refreshes.. and sometimes u may also give up ur rigid bad habits with these baby steps.

Try this experiments with control and then treat urself for controlling as “Control is Power"