Friday, January 31, 2014

Time spent wisely!!

Back on dashboard with plenty of reasons to be away n yet many reasons to be back.

Big change of job from a working woman to a fulltime mother. ( i have daughter who is 19 months now) 
Well motherhood is nice, lovable, enjoyable. It feels so good that baby feels secure only with me... she says "mamma" when she doesnt find me around.  Cuteness in every action... how slowly she is developing her vocabulary which only I can understand. With every day there is newness, exploration, both for her n me. I am sure you must have experienced these proud, adorable moments in which your presence was more important than anything else. If you havent...I pray you have it soon because nothing can replace the bond between the two. But with all these things comes a sense of responsibilty. It may possibly make your life "strict to routine" ( which is so not me).

Apart from all the best feelings I do have some low thoughts in the process of being a mother. Like, because of routine,  life has become bit dull, I am house arrested. I get hardly any time for self even to get ready at peace. Even if she sleeps I have heap of house work to finish so that it doesn't make me stand in the kitchen for hours in the evening like cooking up dinner, cleaning the house. I had decided many times that I will spend that time for myself sometimes I am successful sometimes. 

But with new year  you try to bring in a change in your life and thats what I am going to do it this year... Self time.. be it for ten minutes or one hour I am going to dedicate it to myself (that time does not include facebook, whts app and other fancy or time consuming applications).   Rather I would put up this way that I am going to spend this time creatively  wisely and this should not be on self. Nothing like "blogging". Expression for thoughts, ideas. It can help to let go off some bad thoughts if there are any.. or it can be just playing with letter and words to introspect ourself. Well I have been used my blogs for exerimenting and expressing my life story. This has helped me in the past.... 

See.. I can't stop myself now, too many things coming in.... but I know where to start from.... since this is a routine you will come across the story so far very soon. 

So may be today I can say time spent wisely....!!!