Friday, August 21, 2015

Do re "ME"

When you think of words you say ABC... When you think of music it "do re mi fa so la ti" Its music...basic notes where all the music is coming from.  Music can change  mood... good music can lift you up or bad one can you make you sulk too... but today I am not discussing music. . I would like to share my experience of "opera play - sound of music" and it was kind of experience worth documenting. 
Sound of music is the  classic movie seen by most of us as a kid. .. so when I first got to know I was ready to revisit childhood ( though don't remember much of the movie but few songs which have grew up with me like do re mi ... and favorite things. ) so let's c how the play looks like.  Tickets of this show was  expensive.. luckily found a friend who was ready to come along.  Though it was quiet a sudden decision,   and  fortunately we got the tickets too.
We were delighted to be there.  For the  first  time ever opera into the kind of "angrezi  sophisticated crowd" As a child "play"   has always amused me over a movie. The Grand  Opera House was fully booked.   The crowd belonged to all generation and all ages from the youngest 3 to oldest 70 years.   We could witness some of the classy outfits ( I am quiet an observer and fond of fashion).  We had our seats in the stalls. T row corner.. ( we didn't even know how to book tickets) so the logic behind booking this ticket was that if somebody tall was there I would bend through sides and watch it. . .  People were carrying  their glass filled in with choices of drink (mostly wine) and food they want to have with a play. It was projected "sound of music" and everybody was trying to take pictures but because of the light it was not clear.. we tried our luck too :p
There was a board on the side which were displaying  subtitles... This was of a great help  not to miss out anything. 
Curtains up ... play began. .. the moment it started... I was mesmerised and engrossed. .. I did not even realise that I had a friend who was sitting next to me. I think the same happened to her. For every song the audience was clapping... Fantastic  performances by all of them!  They danced well. . sung well and acted well too. The actress  who played Maria (Central character) was very convincing and simply brilliant. The moment it got over we were discussing about how the   experience was and simply put in words it was fantabolously fantastic!  Totally amazed and the songs running on the mind!  Over the week we still have the hangover of the evening well spent!

Of course it was worth while experience and the class act not to miss it... More than that I was at my real self!  I had a day off from the household chores and it was just me and my friend.... I think a much needed breathing space. ... it is rightly said "take a break" , chill .. do something  that makes you happy.. now I can relate to these terms and will try and devote some "mee time" however long or short... even if  it means once in while. . I do deserve it and will keep hunting.

"Sound of music" was just a cherry on the cake! 

Friday, January 31, 2014

Time spent wisely!!

Back on dashboard with plenty of reasons to be away n yet many reasons to be back.

Big change of job from a working woman to a fulltime mother. ( i have daughter who is 19 months now) 
Well motherhood is nice, lovable, enjoyable. It feels so good that baby feels secure only with me... she says "mamma" when she doesnt find me around.  Cuteness in every action... how slowly she is developing her vocabulary which only I can understand. With every day there is newness, exploration, both for her n me. I am sure you must have experienced these proud, adorable moments in which your presence was more important than anything else. If you havent...I pray you have it soon because nothing can replace the bond between the two. But with all these things comes a sense of responsibilty. It may possibly make your life "strict to routine" ( which is so not me).

Apart from all the best feelings I do have some low thoughts in the process of being a mother. Like, because of routine,  life has become bit dull, I am house arrested. I get hardly any time for self even to get ready at peace. Even if she sleeps I have heap of house work to finish so that it doesn't make me stand in the kitchen for hours in the evening like cooking up dinner, cleaning the house. I had decided many times that I will spend that time for myself sometimes I am successful sometimes. 

But with new year  you try to bring in a change in your life and thats what I am going to do it this year... Self time.. be it for ten minutes or one hour I am going to dedicate it to myself (that time does not include facebook, whts app and other fancy or time consuming applications).   Rather I would put up this way that I am going to spend this time creatively  wisely and this should not be on self. Nothing like "blogging". Expression for thoughts, ideas. It can help to let go off some bad thoughts if there are any.. or it can be just playing with letter and words to introspect ourself. Well I have been used my blogs for exerimenting and expressing my life story. This has helped me in the past.... 

See.. I can't stop myself now, too many things coming in.... but I know where to start from.... since this is a routine you will come across the story so far very soon. 

So may be today I can say time spent wisely....!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Experiment with Control

It’s a week now I have abandoned fb.. I had asked my friend to change the password .. well there is nothing a great deal about doing it… this is what I realized when I actually did so… Fb addiction was severe to me.. first thing after getting up.. first thing after coming home was fb.. Sometimes thr was really nothing , but to be signed in and scroll up and down.. so decided to take a break from this so called obsession.. I thought this would be a tough job but actually it did not..

Well this is not the first thing I did.. It was a month’s target to give up sandwich or “NO clothes shopping month” or “NO pizza month” or “No outside food month”.. I declare a month a week and give up my latest addictive habits..

Sometimes we make our life so dependent and mechanical and these small breaks make us more creative or rather active sometimes.. One month No shopping of clothes helped me buy some pending things for the house, or No sandwich month made me more active and I used to carry my breakfast tiffin with me instead of calling the restaurant and ordering sandwich.. After office food was changed to juices or early dinner instead of pizzas.. Slowly u keep a control on ur bad habits.. well totally changing the habits does not happen in one month but there is always u can try

I always notice the difference and say to myself “See it is not difficult, then why is the obsessions”

I know there is phase where we get addicted to certain things which changes with age, environment, people around us so on and so for, like being online on gtlk was a must thing with my friends nowadays it do not happen and we have healthily accepted it…

But these kind of small breaks diverts ur mind and refreshes.. and sometimes u may also give up ur rigid bad habits with these baby steps.

Try this experiments with control and then treat urself for controlling as “Control is Power"

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Why losing weight has become important for me.... .

It is a trend to have a size "0"... be slim... doesnt matter if you fall sick... but you are not allowed to be fat... .. girls have taken the casual "moti" (fatso) comment too seriously... they have become too conscious and give up wearing some clothes as the belly could be bulging out or hips looking too big and so on... "aaj kal mota hona paap hai" ... because you are fat ppl have started putting you in some other category which may not be "beautiful"... doesnt matter how good are your clothes, or how well you carry yourself... i remember my friend who has delivered a baby is on low fat diet so dat the post pregnancy doesnt affect her so called "figure" isnt that too much... can somebody please prove me that each and every person if follows the same diet plan will it have the same effect on everybody... some have started feeling guilty of eating deserts rather than enjoying it sometime or someday.. Weight or rather slim and good looks is much hyped these days and so is the guilt trap of becoming fat...

Well i too have fallen in the same category of not liking to be called as fat...... moreover if someone says something to me i feel nervous and feel less confident about myself.. which is "SO NOT ME"...

I too have taken my "fitness" very seriously.. please note "fitness"and not just "weight loss".. once i was a dancer and had a flexible body.. but all that is away because I have not cared about it so much... but the taunts and few comments has got into my nerves and i said to myself.. let me take the words seriously and let me get back on what i was... however losing wieght is not the aim... being in shape and flexible is more realistic... i dont want to lose my chubby cheeks... some extra portion on hips and some extra portion of three tyres forming dats it... it is okay if i weigh the same as I am now...

I brainstormed myself for why do i have to lose my weight... just to show ppl and get some good comments... or following the trend... if i go with these objectives... i am sure it would not last longer and also doing for somebody else is not correct as you need to be convivnced about what you want to do... it is important when you make a goal you have a strong motivating factor behind it.. an objective.... it helps you to set realistic targets than to just get carried away by the trend...

So my aim of losing weight is too avoid health problems, feel more energetic and get my confidence back of having acheived something...

Let me know your losing weight targets if you have any... even if you dont.. doesnt matter.. but do love and care your body :) After all the body do comes with a wear and tear...Understand your needs first and set your "fitness" targets.. Rather than just being guilty and worried take some positive actions to work upon it..... thats the only way you conquer the negativity in you...

Love yourself always!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Help you here please!!!

After a long time, I am meeting my blog area, Dont know what had happened or why i Did not get time to think of it, too busy to get a leave...

Whr m i the other days, when nt home, leave from whr??? Leave from work.. Mc DOnald's!! hmm something known right. Whr you always find people around of all age groups, music, ballons, kids, and people smiling and shouting help you here please,

Yes past six months I am employed at Mc Donald's as Crew member handling "Till" (Front Counter). Getting a job in Belfast is difficult, local experience, qualification etc list is endless to hook on a simple office job. But we have to start with something so I started with Mc DOnald's just to be busy and start a income or earning Queen's :P to be honest. September 17th two imp things on this day, my first job in UK and one of my best friend's b'day, the first day was signing the documents, getting the uniform, completing the orientation so on and so for. Saturday was the day when i was given a counter and one girl who would train me and back me... Sarah told me about very basic things, on till, fryer station, ice creams and she told me how to tke the order, how to get the food. Beleive me I was not kniwing wht kind of food is served at Mc, wht are the burgers, what are the varieties, When I look back i really wonder when and how did I manage these things... Every alternate thursday my account is credited with some amount in which basic kharcha nikalta hai.. And I have enjoyed my each and every day at Mc which is so different.

I served the gap busters (gap busters- the one who checks the quaity for store) like four times and recieve two awards of EMployee of the Month and Employee of the Quarter..
After receiveing my award I noticed one thing that if you are enjoying your work and do it honestly you are appreciated everywhere... no matter if that field belongs to you or not.

Working at mc has always been good, as it is fun everyday a new day, you hv to be on ur toes all the time, no time to rest other than breaks... so day goes like just easily with smiling, greeting, running here and thr, shouting for the food total chaos i must say...

Howerver my education is not needed here, I am missing the office environment wearing differnt clothes everyday travelling, working on pc, emails, following up emails, stinkers etc etc

I really want to get into my HR Psychology field... So keep praying to get soon...

Monday, January 31, 2011

Does this happen to you...

Enter the shop just for window shopping and end up buying things which u may or may not require... especially it happens to me for clothes... i like something i try... i check the price or check the price then try.. keep it back on the rack saying i have the same style ..then look at it... and come out of the shop and again go back thinking i should buy it i cant get it in same price or the colour or the style... and end up buying it...I am the one whose husband is now scared of me window shopping or entering any shop... Ofcourse not everything i buy is a waste but most of them may be not required at that time... since December last week this shopping has reached its peak almost every week i buy a new top and say it to myself i should rather save and buy some different things or accessories or just should not.. but believe me i cant resist..

I think if i start resisting half of my problems will be solved. Because i cant resist i spend money and also put on weight.. Ohh the second thing which i have to resist for ... I cant eat just one... only one then i will stop.. or its okay i will work out hard today at the gym.. i love chips the typical Indian waffers, roadside chat or wadapav.. I was happy that these things are not sold here whr m living nw.. fortunately or unfortunately i got a work place which should be so not for me.. everyday i decide not to have the french fries.. i did pushed myself bck for three weeks but nw bck to the old habit of hogging.. I also got the chips which are very close to waffers.. n now i hve it every alternate day... saying it is okay nwadays i work out.. :P

i guess the list will be endless of what we just TRY but never resist... but just wnted to ask you .. Does this happen to you...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Win the fat War!

Each one of us always dream about having sexy figure, losing few extra pounds to look good, or just need to have to lose weight because of doctor’s suggestions.. U try n try but often fail!!. It is difficult to sustain your hunger for the delicacies or may be for the junk food. Each one of us is aware of the problems faced by the weight gain, but has everybody has taken seriously? And have they maintained a habit?
Well losing weight does not come from eating less or has to have diet chart or has to work out for hours and hours, it is cumulative effort of eating but eating smart, exercising just to get yourself moving and energetic.
I am following few tips which I have read in the book of “Win the Fat War” I am sharing with you and if I can do it, I am sure you too can, after all there is no foodie like me on this earth. But yes I am also a loser when it comes to losing weight, so jointly let’s work out something which is affordable and reasonable.
1. Believe in yourself

Write down the reasons why you want to slim down, it could be anything, just to fit in your favorite top, or it should not be a lethargic feeling to have a walk with your husband.. Anything.
This decision is about making yourself happy and not others happy. Real motivation comes from within.
Whatever reasons you come with, make a note and stick it where you can see, and keep on adding it as and when you think of a reason.
Once you make the decision to feel better, live healthier, or just to take good care, you will succeed. Believe in yourself! Thousands have done it, you too can!

2. Set the right goals

Goals can keep you motivated in right direction. The first rule to set gaols is to
a. Start Small – Have popcorns instead of potato chips or walk down instead f loading yourself in the cab, or auto.
As you start to feel better, you will be inspired to set loftier goals, You may give up potato chips completely, or increase you of number of hours in walking
The second rule is
b. Write them down in front of you, this turns them from abstract thinking and make them real.

3. Eat More

Switch from two or three heavy meals to five or six mini meal. This keeps your metabolism revved up and burn calories, it often keeps your energy level up and always keep you moving

4. Eat Smart
Eating more can help you realize your weight –loss goals. But you have to be smart about it. The easiest and fastest way to teach you to eat smart is to keep a food diary. Write down exactly when, what, and how much did you eat, was the fries baked or deep fried, did you have milk of low fat? And so on..
Eating smart isn’t about eating boring tasteless meals- nor not eating at all, It’s about eating only when you are hungry, making healthful food choices, and controlling your portions. It is about being aware of why are you eating..

5. Get Moving

An active lifestyleis extremely importantfor everyone, regardless of wheter you have to lose weight or not. If you are launching an exercise program remember to start small. A walk today by five mins then increase a speed day in and day out, and also find out different activities which can give you an aerobic work out, try playing badminton with kids, dance and jump at home or anything which can make you feel happy.Also try different activities everyday to avoid boredom. Today ride a bicycle, tomorrow play tennis, then swim so on and so for..

6. Build a muscle
Aerobic exercise revs up your metabolism rate and improves your levelof fitness, it’s strength training that builds a muscle, that is important, as more the muscle you have higher is the rate of burning calories.
But you cant imagine yourself do go for a gym for that, no worries try at home, just 2 to 3 days a week and continued for 6 to 8 week gives you the best results. Go ahead and Start lifting.

7. Binge – Proof your life
What sorts of things cause you to overeat, reading your food diary can help you recognize and anticipate the emotions or situations that lead to your binges, as you become more and more aware, you will tend to avoid and find other nonfood sources of comfort.

8. Talk yourself thin

If one person on a weight loss program is good, then one person with partner must be better right? Once you find your weight loss buddy, tell the person what you expect. Are you looking for moral support, a work out partner..

9. Make Motivation easy

“What the heck one chocolate can’t hurt anything”, remember your list of reasons remove it and read it . Remember what you weighed when you started ad how many pounds you have lost, count how many more minutes you can run, walk or swim. Congratulate yourself on the job that you have done so far and adjust your goal to get what you want to be.

10. Reward yourself

All of us like to be recognized for what we do well. When you reward yourself for a job well done, you reinforce your belief in yourself an tell yourself that you are proud of yourself of what you have accomplished.. so go for shopping, go for a movie do what can give you the happiness when you start achieving your goal.

Few more tips would include
- Drink lots of Water
- Eat fruits
- Finish you dinner 2hrs before you sleep
- Enjoy, Smile and Be happy all the time
List is endless though!!
And do not forget to take a printout of this or ask me to email to start your “Fat war” from today..