Thursday, May 12, 2011

Why losing weight has become important for me.... .

It is a trend to have a size "0"... be slim... doesnt matter if you fall sick... but you are not allowed to be fat... .. girls have taken the casual "moti" (fatso) comment too seriously... they have become too conscious and give up wearing some clothes as the belly could be bulging out or hips looking too big and so on... "aaj kal mota hona paap hai" ... because you are fat ppl have started putting you in some other category which may not be "beautiful"... doesnt matter how good are your clothes, or how well you carry yourself... i remember my friend who has delivered a baby is on low fat diet so dat the post pregnancy doesnt affect her so called "figure" isnt that too much... can somebody please prove me that each and every person if follows the same diet plan will it have the same effect on everybody... some have started feeling guilty of eating deserts rather than enjoying it sometime or someday.. Weight or rather slim and good looks is much hyped these days and so is the guilt trap of becoming fat...

Well i too have fallen in the same category of not liking to be called as fat...... moreover if someone says something to me i feel nervous and feel less confident about myself.. which is "SO NOT ME"...

I too have taken my "fitness" very seriously.. please note "fitness"and not just "weight loss".. once i was a dancer and had a flexible body.. but all that is away because I have not cared about it so much... but the taunts and few comments has got into my nerves and i said to myself.. let me take the words seriously and let me get back on what i was... however losing wieght is not the aim... being in shape and flexible is more realistic... i dont want to lose my chubby cheeks... some extra portion on hips and some extra portion of three tyres forming dats it... it is okay if i weigh the same as I am now...

I brainstormed myself for why do i have to lose my weight... just to show ppl and get some good comments... or following the trend... if i go with these objectives... i am sure it would not last longer and also doing for somebody else is not correct as you need to be convivnced about what you want to do... it is important when you make a goal you have a strong motivating factor behind it.. an objective.... it helps you to set realistic targets than to just get carried away by the trend...

So my aim of losing weight is too avoid health problems, feel more energetic and get my confidence back of having acheived something...

Let me know your losing weight targets if you have any... even if you dont.. doesnt matter.. but do love and care your body :) After all the body do comes with a wear and tear...Understand your needs first and set your "fitness" targets.. Rather than just being guilty and worried take some positive actions to work upon it..... thats the only way you conquer the negativity in you...

Love yourself always!!!


  1. i think i dont want to lose weight, i have the same reason like urs.....i want to stay fit and the stores here have perfect tops/dresses for soze 10 than for size 14 trust me its much prettier than the bigger sizes.....also i dont say that fat people look bad......have a look in the south indian film industry heroines ....all are well fed ...and they still have so many admirers and the fattest of all also has a temple on her the moral of the story is if nothing works get yourself transferred to south india.....and if nothing working for me i can always blame the genes of south india ...and for the last line love you too (jootha wala)
    Chui: :)

  2. thats wht the point is, stop criticising ppl on size, believe dat you are beautiful and stay fit and healthy all the time :D and good option of south indian films, mujhe thodi bahut acting aati hai koi kaam toh milega other than selling burgers :P

  3. arre acting karne ki zarurat nahi unke mandir mein pandit bhi ban sakti hain

  4. It´s good with health products! Welcome to GYBF

  5. Hey good to see u writing... and u sounds so good... liked the post very much....people should convey exactly this thing to those who r losing weight just to get that skinny appearance... which is such an unhealthy way...good u realized that yourself and care to share with all who reads your blog.. with really impressive way....keep it up... miss u..
    --with lots of love n prayers

  6. very well written!! gaining self confidence and staying fit are great aims..I'm sure u will succeed..wish yu all the very best

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