Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Help you here please!!!

After a long time, I am meeting my blog area, Dont know what had happened or why i Did not get time to think of it, too busy to get a leave...

Whr m i the other days, when nt home, leave from whr??? Leave from work.. Mc DOnald's!! hmm something known right. Whr you always find people around of all age groups, music, ballons, kids, and people smiling and shouting help you here please,

Yes past six months I am employed at Mc Donald's as Crew member handling "Till" (Front Counter). Getting a job in Belfast is difficult, local experience, qualification etc list is endless to hook on a simple office job. But we have to start with something so I started with Mc DOnald's just to be busy and start a income or earning Queen's :P to be honest. September 17th two imp things on this day, my first job in UK and one of my best friend's b'day, the first day was signing the documents, getting the uniform, completing the orientation so on and so for. Saturday was the day when i was given a counter and one girl who would train me and back me... Sarah told me about very basic things, on till, fryer station, ice creams and she told me how to tke the order, how to get the food. Beleive me I was not kniwing wht kind of food is served at Mc, wht are the burgers, what are the varieties, When I look back i really wonder when and how did I manage these things... Every alternate thursday my account is credited with some amount in which basic kharcha nikalta hai.. And I have enjoyed my each and every day at Mc which is so different.

I served the gap busters (gap busters- the one who checks the quaity for store) like four times and recieve two awards of EMployee of the Month and Employee of the Quarter..
After receiveing my award I noticed one thing that if you are enjoying your work and do it honestly you are appreciated everywhere... no matter if that field belongs to you or not.

Working at mc has always been good, as it is fun everyday a new day, you hv to be on ur toes all the time, no time to rest other than breaks... so day goes like just easily with smiling, greeting, running here and thr, shouting for the food total chaos i must say...

Howerver my education is not needed here, I am missing the office environment wearing differnt clothes everyday travelling, working on pc, emails, following up emails, stinkers etc etc

I really want to get into my HR Psychology field... So keep praying to get soon...


  1. hey chui....felt good reading that one....I must say that you are setting out an example to others who settle abroad.....when you get a job, it might not be what you like, what you aspire and what you desire...but on difficult situation you end up taking any job that comes to you thats what happened to you but you managed to excel in everything you gave your full heart with lotsa hardwork to achieve the best ...proud of you keep it up...waiting for the other 2 stars tooo....keep writing

  2. Awesome read Kalashree... you look so cute in the uniform! :)
    and yes fingers crossed for you! and i know you will definitely get there.. looking forward to read more
    P.S: atleast you are blogging! i need to start again :(