Friday, August 21, 2015

Do re "ME"

When you think of words you say ABC... When you think of music it "do re mi fa so la ti" Its music...basic notes where all the music is coming from.  Music can change  mood... good music can lift you up or bad one can you make you sulk too... but today I am not discussing music. . I would like to share my experience of "opera play - sound of music" and it was kind of experience worth documenting. 
Sound of music is the  classic movie seen by most of us as a kid. .. so when I first got to know I was ready to revisit childhood ( though don't remember much of the movie but few songs which have grew up with me like do re mi ... and favorite things. ) so let's c how the play looks like.  Tickets of this show was  expensive.. luckily found a friend who was ready to come along.  Though it was quiet a sudden decision,   and  fortunately we got the tickets too.
We were delighted to be there.  For the  first  time ever opera into the kind of "angrezi  sophisticated crowd" As a child "play"   has always amused me over a movie. The Grand  Opera House was fully booked.   The crowd belonged to all generation and all ages from the youngest 3 to oldest 70 years.   We could witness some of the classy outfits ( I am quiet an observer and fond of fashion).  We had our seats in the stalls. T row corner.. ( we didn't even know how to book tickets) so the logic behind booking this ticket was that if somebody tall was there I would bend through sides and watch it. . .  People were carrying  their glass filled in with choices of drink (mostly wine) and food they want to have with a play. It was projected "sound of music" and everybody was trying to take pictures but because of the light it was not clear.. we tried our luck too :p
There was a board on the side which were displaying  subtitles... This was of a great help  not to miss out anything. 
Curtains up ... play began. .. the moment it started... I was mesmerised and engrossed. .. I did not even realise that I had a friend who was sitting next to me. I think the same happened to her. For every song the audience was clapping... Fantastic  performances by all of them!  They danced well. . sung well and acted well too. The actress  who played Maria (Central character) was very convincing and simply brilliant. The moment it got over we were discussing about how the   experience was and simply put in words it was fantabolously fantastic!  Totally amazed and the songs running on the mind!  Over the week we still have the hangover of the evening well spent!

Of course it was worth while experience and the class act not to miss it... More than that I was at my real self!  I had a day off from the household chores and it was just me and my friend.... I think a much needed breathing space. ... it is rightly said "take a break" , chill .. do something  that makes you happy.. now I can relate to these terms and will try and devote some "mee time" however long or short... even if  it means once in while. . I do deserve it and will keep hunting.

"Sound of music" was just a cherry on the cake! 

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