Monday, September 20, 2010

Win the fat War!

Each one of us always dream about having sexy figure, losing few extra pounds to look good, or just need to have to lose weight because of doctor’s suggestions.. U try n try but often fail!!. It is difficult to sustain your hunger for the delicacies or may be for the junk food. Each one of us is aware of the problems faced by the weight gain, but has everybody has taken seriously? And have they maintained a habit?
Well losing weight does not come from eating less or has to have diet chart or has to work out for hours and hours, it is cumulative effort of eating but eating smart, exercising just to get yourself moving and energetic.
I am following few tips which I have read in the book of “Win the Fat War” I am sharing with you and if I can do it, I am sure you too can, after all there is no foodie like me on this earth. But yes I am also a loser when it comes to losing weight, so jointly let’s work out something which is affordable and reasonable.
1. Believe in yourself

Write down the reasons why you want to slim down, it could be anything, just to fit in your favorite top, or it should not be a lethargic feeling to have a walk with your husband.. Anything.
This decision is about making yourself happy and not others happy. Real motivation comes from within.
Whatever reasons you come with, make a note and stick it where you can see, and keep on adding it as and when you think of a reason.
Once you make the decision to feel better, live healthier, or just to take good care, you will succeed. Believe in yourself! Thousands have done it, you too can!

2. Set the right goals

Goals can keep you motivated in right direction. The first rule to set gaols is to
a. Start Small – Have popcorns instead of potato chips or walk down instead f loading yourself in the cab, or auto.
As you start to feel better, you will be inspired to set loftier goals, You may give up potato chips completely, or increase you of number of hours in walking
The second rule is
b. Write them down in front of you, this turns them from abstract thinking and make them real.

3. Eat More

Switch from two or three heavy meals to five or six mini meal. This keeps your metabolism revved up and burn calories, it often keeps your energy level up and always keep you moving

4. Eat Smart
Eating more can help you realize your weight –loss goals. But you have to be smart about it. The easiest and fastest way to teach you to eat smart is to keep a food diary. Write down exactly when, what, and how much did you eat, was the fries baked or deep fried, did you have milk of low fat? And so on..
Eating smart isn’t about eating boring tasteless meals- nor not eating at all, It’s about eating only when you are hungry, making healthful food choices, and controlling your portions. It is about being aware of why are you eating..

5. Get Moving

An active lifestyleis extremely importantfor everyone, regardless of wheter you have to lose weight or not. If you are launching an exercise program remember to start small. A walk today by five mins then increase a speed day in and day out, and also find out different activities which can give you an aerobic work out, try playing badminton with kids, dance and jump at home or anything which can make you feel happy.Also try different activities everyday to avoid boredom. Today ride a bicycle, tomorrow play tennis, then swim so on and so for..

6. Build a muscle
Aerobic exercise revs up your metabolism rate and improves your levelof fitness, it’s strength training that builds a muscle, that is important, as more the muscle you have higher is the rate of burning calories.
But you cant imagine yourself do go for a gym for that, no worries try at home, just 2 to 3 days a week and continued for 6 to 8 week gives you the best results. Go ahead and Start lifting.

7. Binge – Proof your life
What sorts of things cause you to overeat, reading your food diary can help you recognize and anticipate the emotions or situations that lead to your binges, as you become more and more aware, you will tend to avoid and find other nonfood sources of comfort.

8. Talk yourself thin

If one person on a weight loss program is good, then one person with partner must be better right? Once you find your weight loss buddy, tell the person what you expect. Are you looking for moral support, a work out partner..

9. Make Motivation easy

“What the heck one chocolate can’t hurt anything”, remember your list of reasons remove it and read it . Remember what you weighed when you started ad how many pounds you have lost, count how many more minutes you can run, walk or swim. Congratulate yourself on the job that you have done so far and adjust your goal to get what you want to be.

10. Reward yourself

All of us like to be recognized for what we do well. When you reward yourself for a job well done, you reinforce your belief in yourself an tell yourself that you are proud of yourself of what you have accomplished.. so go for shopping, go for a movie do what can give you the happiness when you start achieving your goal.

Few more tips would include
- Drink lots of Water
- Eat fruits
- Finish you dinner 2hrs before you sleep
- Enjoy, Smile and Be happy all the time
List is endless though!!
And do not forget to take a printout of this or ask me to email to start your “Fat war” from today..


  1. All the very best ! You will get a very good gift from me if you achieve your goal :)))))))))))

  2. Oh.. see once again you ended up writing good thing on loosing weight or fat war something that sort... this is your favorite subject i guess or may be this one is the most focused question u wanna overcome.... i am sure you'll surely do it... ;)
    Just don't lose your chubby chicks i Love them.... rather focus on your dance... what say