Monday, September 13, 2010

"IKEA" Experience

Few years back i had heard of this name of IKEA, it is a huge mall... having everything.. . many of the things were brought from IKEA as well.. was excited to explore IKEA.. kyunki IKEA ke bare mein bahut "Aikya" ( heard a lott).

I saw IKEA when i got out of the Airport so that was the first thing i saw of the city. imeediately i told myself that i hve to go here at some day... few of our friends plan evetually for IKEA.

IKEA as defined was indeed a huge set up.. and i think that is the reason they choose a place in the outskirts to built up a huge section we entered from one end n were out from the same place but the way it was deisgned was just amazing.

It was like going from one room to another.. drawing room, then following their arrows, we saw the dinning sets, then the kitchen, then bedroom, then childern, n the warehouse.. beleive me you have to go according to thier arrows only...

Every room had initial readymade available sets, if you like the whole set then go for it, or if you want to pick up a small idea or small thing you can go for that either.. every section ends with the items displaying with available colours, combinations, and varieties..

Ideas are just booming out at IKEA..

You need a salt, pepper,cumin seeds etc, if you have magnetic ruler, and bottles made up of steel lid and plastic which sticks to that rules and they are placed near to coking area, so handy to pull it sprinkle and put it back.. and something unique.. put tisues, straws and things which needs to be handy if not kept properly gives abad look so how bout having cups on the wall

Or a wooded frame, you can put cane baskets, or clth baskets and use it as a cupboard or just a dumping space but yet drawers..

Every single thing is taken care in IKEA, you are provided with pencils, rough paper,s measuring tapes, shopping list to right down the catalogue no. so that you can pick it from the you can go with an empty mind and fillin with loads of ideas and creativity..

I am sure ths could be a common experince of going to some huge mall and set up things for hme.. but belive me guys IKEA can bring a difference

IKEA are the initiator in setting up these things..

Visit thier websites and or just google about the history... and pray IKEA should just near to your place..

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  1. It cant be near to our place in India.. because IKEA dropped its invesment plan in India in 2009. They require huge investment and they couldnt find any partner willing for such investment in India. So they are not coming to India atleast until 2015 atleast.

    Chiu, as an extension to your blog::