Friday, August 13, 2010

Being a Nomad!

Yet another relocation........

In my one and half years of marriage i have been relocating to places. We started our life with in laws at badlapur, due to some reasons we had to shift to Koperkhairane. we rented a house and started our living..setting up new house, selction of furniture, new kithcen applicances.

It starts with process of budgeting.. how much money can we spend... searching for agenets who can offer a best deal to us in our budget and also cater to our needs of good locality, less of deposit, security, commutability.

When we were searching in India we had surfed we just registered our details n the next moment we started gettting calls from various agents. Coming from office and look for the property. I remember it was rainy season n we used to get irritated with the rains, but we managed to finalised the deal within two days. This was the first major step of our life. We had absolutely no furniture no kitchen appliances to start. So it was a start from zero, we just carried our clothes and two bedside cupboards along with us. All our furniture was designed and bought from Ulhasnagar. Ulhasnagar is cheapest source available to fulfill the basic requirement of house. We booked our sofa set, wardrobe, few extra cupboard etc. We did not go for a bed as we were sure that soon we will be moving to our own house which was under construction. So only basic and minimal requirement was taken care. We were happy that we managed it gracefully.

After few months settling things, we decided to move to Uk for a turn in our life, so again it was packing and unpacking of things. All that we had bought had to be sold out as our own house was not ready to move the furniture. So we sold out our furniture and moved to Badlapur before flying. We were back with the same things of clothes and bedside cupboards only one thing was new the set kitchen.

We started with the same story of searching an acomodation, the parameters were the same, budget, security, commutability etc. Gumtree Uk official solution website. We did surfed a lot on various sites. Luckily we got a best deal. And we shifted to UK in a new location with new people. We did not even had our jobs, so it was again a fresh start and in the new country and a new city.

In a span of one month, when we manage to settle again, Sanju got a job. Job company was awesome, work profile was challenging but the major twist was the relocation to yet another new country and new city. And now these days I am busy with the same search with same parameters.

Although it has taught me many new things, like deciding on location with google maps, how to get our exact needs,taking care of the wieght of luggage so what to buy what to avoid, how agressive and quick we should be in dealing with real estate etc. etc.

In this process of changing, relocating there is tensions, and a fear of how and where will we live, we spent money which we cannot avoid,packing things all that you have arranged it nicely and discarding things because sometimes you just can't carry, but there is an excitement for yet another new phase.

With everybody's blessings we did overcome these steps nicely and I am sure we continue as it is my strong belief that good things happen to good people. There are hurdles, problems but always for the betterment. So keep moving in life always and welcome everything that comes to your way.

And there is one more sure relocation which is going to take place of moving into our own house but god only knows when and before that how many..

I will always say.. yet another relocation.


  1. hey gurl.....i know you had gone thru all the twists and turns of life and your life was a real rollercoaster ride example, I think only you had the stamina, capacity, patience and guts to go on this rollercoaster ride no one else could survive it other than you.....i hope this reloaction is finally final and do good to u ....good luck and god bless

  2. i was expecting a comment of the collage re.. bhavna jhalak dilh rahi hai kya?\