Saturday, August 7, 2010

Six pillars!!!!

What happens when you want to think of some innovations, plan out something, there are ideas, thoughts, you may have supporter, you may have to work on your own….. everybody’s life is a mess of thoughts, ideas, support, critics, it is not complete unless you have all of them

Thought is full of ideas, innovations research, evidences, facts but the only problem was it is always staying far from all others.

Criticism is always irritating but because you have criticism you have a chance to move towards perfectionism.

Confusion helps to read between the lines n clarify the doubts which can further have a clear understanding, many a times it is a fun element, n to knw wht not to do…….

Maker or the creator is the one who can put ideas and can give a final touch, it makes available the resources to achieve the objective

Support is always a phone call away.. unless we put hand forward we will never get any.

Action just a go getter n let’s do it .

All this when you put together it forms the world of chaos, ideas, love n caring.

These are the six pillars of everybody’s life.. We have to analyse these resources for any tasks

I do have them in my life…………… I have them in the form friends……

Our website designing was the first step towards making a difference..setting up HR consultancy.. lot of things pending...

Time and negativity are the two enemies of this mentioned world….

But for now all are scattered…

Maker n Action have gone abroad for betterment in their life, Thoughts is busy n not in one place roaming all over India… Confusion n Criticism are there together to spice up others life, n Support as mentioned just a phone call away…..

I am sure that we would have definitely worked out something better if we were together in real sense..n may be in future not sure though....

Isnt it fundu.. ?


  1. ohhhh mmmyyyyy goooddddd...........this is the best i have ever read from you.......its just awesome.......loved it..........i dont have words to describe this one.....shittt i m feeling so good after reading

  2. i m waiting for more from you girl.....keep writing..i love ot read ur stuffs

  3. Oh god, this one is really nice.. well analyzed thoughts put into well organized words made the post so interesting to read and so good to hear that everyone in their lives have same problem at some point of their lives with different intensities.. some except and move on to other one.. others try to solve and overcome them but believe me I'll not say the one who overcomes is d winner...... both wins the race one who moves on n the other who tries and does the same... its just a matter of choice ... ;D