Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Life is You!

Life is You;
Life is beyond people
Life is beyond things
Life is nothing but “you” and only “you”
It’s you who create and bring happiness in “your” life
And its you who destroy “yourself”
Its not love, lust, not the addiction not the obsession
Which take your life?
It’s you who give up and live up to these things only…
Life is beyond all this
Crying, sobbing for a person
Spending, enjoying with friends
Splurging money
If you have money is that your life……
If you have friends is that your life…..
If you have love is that your life……
If you answer this question as ‘yes’ Remember it says
If you have
That you is important
Life is nothing but you
Let that you be someone whom the person are happy with,
Proud to be associated with
This ‘you’ should be
Fearless of failures open to change, learning from good/bad experience
Committing and accepting mistakes
Life is beautiful somebody as rightly said
But only if you make it
Or else ugly never to be looked upon
Don’t limit your life only to money
Only to success
Only to friends
Life do comprises all of these things
Only because of you
Life exists for you, if you exist
No you…….no life
Know you……know life
Life is beyond these words put forth
Search for it
It will come back to only “you”
It’s easy to fall for something
But to rise is courage
“you should be courageous to fight for
Stand up for all the goods and rights
In life
It’s no big deal if you do bad things
That is the path chosen of your life
But it will always be respected if you do one good thing
Let this be “your” way
This should not come from the feeling of
Pleasing and appreciativeness
It should come from within
You are important
It’s your life
Life is YOU and only YOU


  1. share my poems as well.. I will start sending soon...

  2. Amit dat's not a comment on my blog..

  3. yeah Chiu, u r absolutely right ... and its really nice to read that in words...
    And when you know "that" truth, you seriously enjoy your life whether u r alone or with family or with friends... because as u said life is "YOU"
    And bcoz u r happy and satisfied with your own life people around u love u n your company.. that's life..it's an aura.... you create it around yourself.. it's all yours...