Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My 1st telephonic interview in UK

After a day's break m bck, yesterday i was busy with actually nothing but my mind was not stable to sit n jot down something.. I had a telephonic interview scheduled for Gallup organisation.... it is a organisation who delivers management services, HR consultanices, Psychometric reseaches n surveys.. indeed a dream company for a psychologist.......

With Gallup I had actually applied for differnt position, and I got a rejection for that position, whihc i had actually anticipated, surfing through their website I got through this opportunity of Selection Interviewer n Coordinator. The required skills and experince were not very high fundu.. infact in their last line they mentioned, full training will be provided.

A week before i was told that there is going to be a telephonic interview, i was happy that i got a call n also something has been sceduled for me...... ohh okay life has something to give me.... since the week was thinking, reading the stuff related to HR, recruitment, making my psychological base very stronger, going through my own my CV and anticipating questions n preparing for their answers, also watching movies like Godfather, to get used to the accent, this i was doing till the bell rang for the interview.... i was using headphones for the conversations for better calrity, but later i realised that it was giving an echo..... i could here my voice twice

The girl shouted on the phone......... aah!!! m sure you must have watched Small wonder the robo serial....... in that thr was a characted Harriet n her mom having a typical way of saying heeellllllllloooooooo.. i guess this is common wth angrez.......everybody shouts in the same tone... so she asked my name n my permission to start with the interview. this interveiw was recorded so that whatever is being asked n said is maintained for further evaluation.

When the actual questions were started.......i was zapped for the moment.....because these were all personality based questions..... wht would you do in this sitaution....... illustrate....... wht kind of person are you........write in words wht people around you think...... so on so for...... i was zapped because i was not prepared for such thing though it actually did nt require any preparation..
Because of the accent n listening problem...... (thodi bahiri hoon mein) i did ask for repetition...
Some questions were tricky, repeated but asked in some different manner. the call wnet on til 40 mins...... when initially i was informed about this call i had heard 4 to 5 mins but it was actually 45 mins.. listening problem.. hehehe
After the call, she said they will late me know in three four days of time...
I was actually confused about how was my interview.. i had given all my answers which would suit that role, n keeping in mind the mentioned job decriptions..... i was sure i did not gve my best but i managed to do hw much ever i can.... i cnt consider to be the best, as i had fumbled...... i had given repetitive illustrations.. using the fill up's like aaaaa... umm etc..

Well i was not expecting a reply of them.. but i got an email saying i could not make through the interview...... disapointments, sadness again....

I am disappointed because as it is I am not getting calls, so i dnt have anything to look firward again start with the applicatin process n continue hoping.. if the situation was like, i would be prepared for the next interview whihc is just two days later i would have gained some kind of confidence.. but nw depressed... as i missed the chance of being a part of a dream compan

Being a psychologist i hate these psychometric testing done on me... as i know...... there are No right n wrong answers to the questions, the first thing that comes to your mind shuld be the answer.... which may not expected... n you cant fake beyond a certain extent......

Getting an opportunity just missing it is not a good idea.. some people have waited here for their first round.... n I missed it.

Bas jo hua hai uske baare mein sochne ka nahiye interviews mein to bola ki m very optimistic.. now actually i should show some.

Things i learnt from the interview, to be prepare for the personality based questions like, along with the job specific questions....... n whatever you say confidence is must no fumble....... no fillers...

I have also realised that the interviewing techniques here are far more advanced n strict than that in India.. this is what is expected out of a psychologist, reject a candidate if he is not matching, but in India we do not consider all theses factors very strictly. we just see whether the candidate can be trained, can he pick up the work.. but not if he actually suited the role... uska sikha denge, uska aisa bana denge.. here equal importance is given to your requirements which means salary should be given of how much the candidate demands, if he says my dream job is of having 15 to 20 team members n the actual is just 3 to 4.. they reject the candidate... so they look for "perfect match"

the story of my first UK telephonic interviews... Somebody has said, success is never ending and Failure is never final..... m considering this to be true.. even if i fail further... i will hope for something better.. well this was the belief which brought us here, to explore in UK cant waste the visa, what if something positive turns out,... and actually speaking things were not that teribe for which we were prepared.. both of us me n sanju had expected no calls, for atleast a month.. no interviews atleast for two months but things are giving up hope is not a good idea either..

God helps the doer... m sure he will help me too!!!


  1. Girl....liked ur optimism, god bless you and I happy u r trying out new things in ur blog......proud of u

  2. have patience.... things will fall in place eventually

  3. Good observation skills dear.. n yes sabar ka phal meetha hota hai.. hope i said it right! :)

  4. I think this one is longest post you have... ....... i could imagine the DHAK-DHAK in your heart... and.... GUDGUD in your stomach during those days .... now what do u think...its almost 8-9 months ..