Monday, August 9, 2010

Life is Beautiful! 😚

Life is beautiful with Sanju.. he is the love.. he accepted me as I am n decided to be with me today n forever.. This poem is a short description of blooming love between us.. let me take you through my love life...
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Life is beautiful
Is all d gal can say,
With a man in her life,
Worthy to praise
The meet was in the party,
The man with few words,
And the girl with little silence,
They hardly interacted,
Just exchanged their gtlk id’s
To check their compatibility for the life ahead.
Days, evenings, nights 
Went on chats,
To understand each other’s
Life’s facts.
The guy fell in love with her.
Her honest, positivity and liveliness
Made him crazy,
Though for the gal it wasn;t that easy.
Things were going fine amongst them,
They used to enjoy each other’s company ,
But people around them,
In their talks taking their names.
The guy found his soul mate ever
And was waiting for the gal
To make her his, forever.
They guy had to take the decision,
As people were demanding,
The gal was scared and kept thinking
When they were ways apart,
They came closer,
The gal made her mind and thought,
That he could be her’s forever.
With parent’s and Star’s approval,
Things were set.
A confirmed yes, though a bit late.
Love, genuineness and to be a friend,
Is what both have decided to take their eternal end
The guy got his love,
His dreams and fantasies came true,
The gal got all she needed
Indeed a life New!!!!
This life is beautiful
Full of love and care,
To maintain it,
Is the responsibility of the pair
Arguments, fights
Are the part and parcel of husband and wife,
But they have promised to overcome,
Always in their life.
So a calm guy and a brat gal,
Will tie their knots soon,
With everybody’s blessings,
It will turn into a boon…


  1. i always loved your poem, you should try posting the no studiess yaar plz wala poem....hehehe bhagwan tum dono ka blooming pyaar salamat rakhe n btw I just love that pic of u both and enjoyed reading this again.....aur poetry ho jaye