Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Missed the raksha bandhan!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arey Chandra baghayla surya gela tar pahije…..

This was the statement when kedar my brother called up n told me today is rakhi pournima, tula pournima disat nahi ka… (Can’t u c d full moon today). A small fight followed by a sweet conversation!! After this phone call I stranded for the moment and the memories of all my childhood flashed in front of me… my brother told me few cousins were coming at home for this auspicious occasion n kedar had purposely invited all of them so that he had somebody to tie a the sacred thread. Well this sacred thread actually means nothing beyond an official day for taking a gift, as we really know that our brothers are going to be with us forever in whichever way we need them. But tying a knot reminded us that he is the person whom we can trust upon…
I remember making the naralwadi (coconut cakes), narali bhaat (sweet rice garnished with coconut) and giving kedar a surprise of the sweets and force him to say it is good and I m the best cook. Searching for the rakhee the best dark colour which will suit on fairest hands, so selecting colours like magenta, maroon, aqua, brown, earthy but the design used to be the typical the gonda and silkish thread.
Renu one of my sisters always used to come day before for the stay over. Getting up early in the morning and then convincing kedar for oil massage. This is the tradition that every sister will give him a small oil massage. Kedar used to hate this as we used to put so much oil that he would rather need an hour for his bath to remove the oil from his body.
Followed by the bath we used to have this session of “ovalna”, aarti utarna, again fighting on the smallest issue of “please kunku motha avu nakos”, meaning do not put the tika or tilak to big on his fore head. I used to obey that but renu never… The gift was always something unique and beautiful like pocket money, clothes, a bag, jewellery set etc. Though it is not the tradition of giving something back to brother but I sed to give him a return gift as many times his b’day used to be somewhere nearby so I used to make a point of giftinh him something or the rather and Renu also
Many times it had happened that I and kedar has fought so hard that we swear of not tying the rakhi and him not getting tied from me. But it never happened that way. The apologies were not shared but we used to resolve our fights without saying sorry. We often used to go out for a dinner with other cousins. So it used to be a nice brother sister day.
This year it did not happen that way, I missed everything mentioned above. I missed the rakhi festival. Well I also realize that festivals and celebrations mean a lot in somebody’s life otherwise life is too mundane and monotonous.
Nevertheless life never stops so should we never and getting depressed is neither a solution for this. So I have decided to learn enjoy the missing for somebody or something!

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  1. very well written .. I can actually visualized the moments.. ;p